SigintOS (SigintPlatform) ready for investment

SigintOS operating system was prepared in 2018 and registered by Murat ŞİŞMAN in 2019. Over the past three years, it has been used by over 40,000 users in the industry and received positive feedback from many experts. It still remains the most important operating system used in the field of Signal Intelligence and Cyber ​​Security.

Sigint Platform, which will be developed on the basis of SigintOS, will stand out with its many advantageous features and distinctive structure compared to its competitors in the sector.

SigintOS has been positioning itself as a leader in the sector since 2018 and continues to offer easy and effective use to its users. The Sigint Platform to be created appeals to different budgets and structures with the effective infrastructure of SigintOS, low-cost hardware supports and easy installation/use feature. It offers great opportunities to its customers compared to the large, costly and cumbersome systems available in the sector.

The mission of the Sigint Platform is to enable its clients to perform low cost, easy to use and domain independent Signal Intelligence activities. It focuses on getting the most effective results by presenting the software and hardware infrastructures required for the realization of activities in a modular way in line with customer needs.

Sigint Platform; does not require large infrastructure and hardware requirements. It offers compact solutions by making maximum use of today’s technologies. Sigint Platform uses low cost and high data processing capacity of software instead of bulky and costly hardware. Different intelligence activities can be carried out with more than one module in a single cabin. Different modules such as IMSI Catcher, GPS Spoofer, Spectrum Monitoring can be operated in a single server cabinet and controlled through a single management software.

Market Focus
Sigint Platform; sees government organizations, law enforcement and defense industry organizations as target markets. It plans to carry out commercial activities with private defense industry organizations as well as Air/Land/Naval military institutions, police forces, intelligence agencies and civil defense institutions of the countries.

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