Signal Intelligence and Mobile Spying

Signal Intelligence and Mobile SpyingSpeaking at the E-Safe event, Murat ŞİŞMAN; On Signal Intelligence methods and mobile spying

Satcom Systems on Airplanes Can Be Hacked

Speaking at the Satcom Vision event, Murat ŞİŞMAN said; He informed about the vulnerabilities of Satcom Systems in aircraft.

Measures Against Critical Vulnerabilities in Airports and Aircraft

Video presentation about critical vulnerabilities in airports and aircraft, and the precautions to be taken. Presented by Murat ŞİŞMAN at the E-Safe event.

SigintOS Intro Video

SigintOS Intro Video on Youtube

LTE Imsi Catcher

How LTE IMSI Catcher works and how can decode GUTI with SigintOS LTE IMSI Catcher is not myth! LTE IMSI Catcher Works!Due to the nature of LTE base stations, the capture of IMSI numbers seems impossible. LTE stations use GUTI to communicate…