Portable Emergency Communication System


Game Changer Solution for Search And Rescue Teams!

PECS; It is a GSM – Portable Emergency Communication System for use in disasters and emergencies. The most important feature of the system is to create a GSM base station with two different operator information and to communicate with the mobile phones of people who are trapped or lost under the rubble.

During this communication, IMSI numbers of mobile phones are learned and voice calls and SMS messaging are enabled with these phones. While it meets customer needs with low cost and system requirements, it also makes a difference with its easy installation and use feature.


  • Configure two different GSM Operator
  • All GSM Bands (850, 900, 1800, 1900)
  • Easy to use UI Graphical Interface
  • Working with Battery or AC power or booth


  • 6kg
  • 55x45x17cm Waterproof Case
  • -40 +70 Working Temperature
  • Working 10 Hours with Battery
  • AC 220v Waterproof Power Socket
  • 2xTX 2xRX SMA Antenna Connector
  • Power Amplifier Switches
  • Laptop Dock