Signals Intelligence Operation System

SigintOS™; as the name suggests, SIGINT is an improved Linux distribution for Signal Intelligence. This distribution is based on Ubuntu Linux. It has its own software called SigintOS™. With this software, many SIGINT operations can be performed via a single graphical interface.

Hardware and software installation problems faced by many people interested in signal processing are completely eliminated with SigintOS™. HackRF, BladeRF, USRP, RTL-SDR are already installed, and the most used Gnuradio, Gsm and Gps applications are also included in the distribution.

Latest News

SigintOS ile İleri Düzey Sinyal İstihbaratı Eğitimi

2 – 4 Nisan 2020 tarihleri arasında online olarak SigintOS ile İleri Düzey Sinyal İstihbaratı Eğitimi düzenlenecektir. Eğitim detayları aşağıdadır. Katılmak isteyenler aşağıdaki formu doldurabilirler. Eğitim İçeriği 1. Gün (2 …

apt-get problem solution

Follow the steps below to solve the problem with the application setup with apt. Change the SigintOS value in the /etc/lsb-release file to Ubuntu and the shiva value to xenial. …