Signals Intelligence Operation System

SigintOS™ as the name suggests, SIGINT is an improved Linux distribution for Signal Intelligence. This distribution is based on Ubuntu Linux. It has its own software called SigintOS™. With this software, many SIGINT operations can be performed via a single graphical interface.

Hardware and software installation problems faced by many people interested in signal processing are completely eliminated with SigintOS™. HackRF, BladeRF, USRP, RTL-SDR are already installed, and the most used Gnuradio, Gsm and Gps applications are also included in the distribution.

Owner & Maintainer

Murat ŞİŞMAN who developed SigintOS™ distribution; He worked as a volunteer in Linux localization projects for many years. As a result of his interest in Linux and cyber security, he prepared SigintOS™ distribution for his own use and made it available for everyone who is interested and interested in this field. It is obvious that there is a huge human resource gap in signal intelligence, so we can say that there is a distribution that can be used in the field of education.

Signal Intelligence Software

The SigintOS Tool software in the SigintOS™ distribution is literally a signal intelligence software . SigintOS Tool software, which can perform many different operations from a single graphical interface, can be used in the field of Signal Intelligence.